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  • Sec Kerry

    New U.S. Humanitarian Aid to Syria

    Secretary of State John Kerry announced today the United States is providing nearly $500 million in additional humanitarian aid to help those affected by the war in Syria.

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  • Kerry

    Kerry meets with King Abdullah in Jeddah

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, meets with King Abdullah in Jeddah.


    Obama lays out the strategy to destroy ISIL

    In an address from the State Floor of the White House, President Obama spoke to the nation tonight about ISIL -- and our comprehensive strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group.

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    We Will Not Be Cowed by Barbaric Killers

    President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron comment on plans for NATO in a challenging world.

  • The Ambassador


    Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the U.S.-Saudi Partnership!

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