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Does my employer have the right to keep my U.S. passport?

Although U.S. passports are the property of the U.S. Government, the common practice of Saudi companies is to retain passports in a safe place at the company's office. We encourage you to keep your own passport, or if your company insists on keeping it for you, make sure you have a color copy of the identification page, as well as color copies of any pages with your visa.

Can I renew my passport online?

While you can download the application form online, you must come to the Embassy to apply in person.

How long does it take to renew or apply for a new U.S. passport?

Passports are printed in the U.S. Therefore, applications made in person take 2 weeks to process.

Can I renew my passport before it expires?

Yes, you may renew your passport at any time that is convenient for you. Please ensure that you have enough time to receive your new passport before you need to travel.

I have both a Saudi and American passport. Can I travel to the U.S. on my Saudi passport?

No. Section 215 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1185) requires U.S. citizens to use a valid U.S. passport when entering or leaving the United States.

I live outside Riyadh.  Can I send my passport over to the Embassy for renewal?

At this time you have to come in person to renew your passport.

My passport was washed by mistake.  Can I still use it for travel?

If the information is unreadable, you will need a new passport.

I have a business trip next week but I just figured out that my passport has expired.  Can I apply for an expedited new passport?

Expedited passport services are only provided in the U.S.  Theses services are not available for applicants at U.S. missions abroad. Please plan in advance to allow for passport processing times.

Where can I find passport applications online?

You can fill out passport forms online using our passport wizard.

How many times can I add pages to my passport?

For the new electronic passports, we have discovered that adding more than two sets of extra pages can damage the binding and the chip. Therefore, we can only add two new sets of pages.

I lost my passport over the weekend.  What shall I do?

Please come to the Embassy to report the lost or stolen passport and apply for a new one.

Can I apply for a U.S. passport card?

Yes.  Please check the requirements here.

How do I get a second passport?

The U.S. embassy generally does not issue second passports Americans already holding a valid passport. However, in certain rare instances it may be possible obtain a second passport due to travel restrictions or visa processing times in emergency situations.

Why do I need to bring my child's birth certificate to renew his/her passport?

Although your child's passport is proof of his or her citizenship, renewing a child's passport requires the consent of both parents. The easiest way to prove parentage is with a birth certificate or adoption record.

The passport of my daughter, who is 10 years old, has expired.  Can I send her to the Embassy with her other parent? I can't come due to a work commitment.

Both parents are required to be present and sign the application form of minors below 16 years of age.  Please review information related to consent letters.